About Us

"We are not young anymore, but not old either, at least the buildings are a lot older than us." 

Coachman Martin

Martin is born and raised in Folldal and inherited Kvebergsøya farm from his father. The farm was one of several farms belonging to the family and not in the best shape. After several years of rebuilding and renovating it was possible to use the farm as a home to humans and animals. Soon the once abended farm flourished with life. Sheep, a cat, some chickens, and horses of course, all made the place their home. 

Martin is an avid horseman with passion for carriage driving and history, the two things combined makes him the perfect guide on a historical carriage drive or when farming the land the old way. On Kvebergsøya you find no plastic covered hayballs, the grass is dried on racks and then brought to the barn by the sturdy Fjord horses of the farm. Sturdy and a bit cheeky, but Martin knows how to get them to do their best. Like he says: "The Fjord horses unique character brightens the day of everyone they meet. I am blessed to have them as my companions all year round.  Wherever the task is sledge driving with timber in winter or a wedding-drive in summer, my horses have never let me down." 

Not so surprisingly, as Martin is the only coachman in Norway that is educated and beholder of  the international Silver level in carriage driving. 

Eris the equeastrian


Born in Germany. When coming to Norway to work with horses, she met the love of her life; Martin. The two has been together ever since. Eris loves to ride horses, especially dressage and trail -riding. Her idea of heaven is riding a dressage horse on a trail, which is no match for the adaptable and brave Fjord horse.  Eris also has a gift for interior-design and has decorated all the rooms in the farm with authenticity and style. She is also very good at cooking traditional food. Eris loves to use local specialties combined with herbs and vegetables, that she grows in the garden,  situated at 700 m.a.s.l.

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